At my core, I'm a spirited portrait artist with over 20 years of experience in the creative arts. Like you, I consider myself to be warm, patient and kind.

I've been fortunate to use my skills in art and marketing to become self made. I've learned a wealth of knowledge along the way, and I desire to transform the lives of women like you oneat a time.

In 2017,  I  partnered to form Brow Beat Studios LLC, a semi-permanent cosmetics  within the DFW metroplex. While growing Brow Beat Studios Advanced Microblading Dallas, I learned so much about running a successful business, and most importantly, the personal relationships that keep businesses growing and thriving.

I believe we are created to use our talents to be a blessing to others. I know what my gifts are. Let's dive deep and transform yours!


As women in a fast paced world, we sometimes have the tendency to forget about ourselves and put our families and others ahead of us. 

Knowing this, I desired to start a business that was luxury-minded with the primary purpose of pampering and nurturing women while also giving back to local women’s and children’s charities such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Dress for Success. 

During my art career, there was always an active charity component that focused primarily on children’s and women’s charities. Over time I realized that the more I was a blessing to others, the more blessed I became.

This lead to the creation of Union Beauty Lab. At Union Beauty Lab I'm able to continue using my artistic gifts while pampering and serving the community around me. 

Union Beauty Lab is a culmination of my creativity, need to serve not only the wonderful women in my community, but it also answers the call in my heart to be more active in the charitable capacity. 

Union Beauty Lab is an upscale facility that provides semi-permanent and permanent cosmetic services while giving back. Our goal is to go beyond delivering expertly designed brows, lashes, and lips by the summer of 2020 and offer additional services that align with the heart and body. These services include areola restoration for women who’ve conquered breast cancer and hairline reconstruction for women post-chemo. 

It is my goal and the goal of Union Beauty Lab to provide personalized luxury services for women by women. 

We tend to spend our lives doing so much for others that we end up neglecting ourselves. We must remember the importance of investing in ourselves while we take care of others. Union provides a luxury space in which you can be empowered to give back AND Ask for what you want.

Artist Bianca Elise

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