Hello, I'm Bianca!

A Master Permanent Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Fine Artist, promoter of women’s and children’s charities, nursing enthusiast, mentor, and Owner of Union Beauty Lab, a Permanent Makeup Studio in Dallas Fort Worth. 

I use my attention to detail and business background to help change the lives of women just like you!


oing your makeup every day can be a drag. At Union Beauty Lab, our master PMU artists merge advanced scientific technology with the finest techniques and products in beauty to give you glamorously perfect and maintenance-free brows, lips, and lashes. 

Your face is your calling card. It can either emphasize and highlight your inner beauty or chase away a cool catch. Expertly shaping beautiful faces in our luxury lab while inspiring confidence is our passion.


At my core, I am an artist.
  I use my artistic gifts to pamper and serve those around me. Via Instagram, you’ll get a behind the scenes view of my life.

You’ll also witness the call on my heart to serve the wonderful women and children of my community one on one. I invite you to join me here!


You have plenty of down time now. Wouldn’t it be awesome to enter into the world of PMU and provide a service that was A LOT easier to master than microblading, yet still command the same amount of pay?

We believe so! Interested? Get paid when this is all over.
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